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The Dangers of Flat Feet


It’s estimated that about one-quarter of all Americans have flat feet. While many people live daily with flat feet, also called “fallen arches,” they can be problematic for a number of reasons. If you have flat feet, or want to know more about the symptoms of flat feet, learn more about this condition and how it can be successfully treated by Dr. Robert J. Greene, a popular podiatrist practicing in Worcester MA.

What Are Flat Feet?
Flat feet are diagnosed when there is little to no arch in the foot. A healthy foot has an arched curve at the inside center, which helps with balance and supports the weight of the body. When someone has flat feet, the tendons and ligaments that make up the arch aren’t pulling properly. You can tell if you have flat feet by placing your damp feet on a piece of white paper and examining the imprint. If you can see the entire outline of your feet, that means there is little to no arch present. Your Worcester MA podiatrist Dr. Greene can confirm the diagnosis.

Dangers of Flat Feet
People who have flat feet often have them due to heredity. It is also common in people who are obese or have health problems, like arthritis. The main problem that this condition causes is pain in the heels, bottom of the feet and legs. In some cases, the stress on your flat feet can lead to back or hip pain. Patients who have flat feet also have a harder time walking, running and standing for long periods of time.

Solutions Are Available
Your podiatrist offers treatments for people who have flat feet. Custom orthotics are a very effective, non-invasive solution. They are devices you must wear in your shoes daily to give your feet the proper support. Icing and taping the feet also helps, as does NSAID medications for pain. In rare cases, a surgery may be necessary to repair the tendons in the feet.

Consult a Podiatrist
If you want help with your flat feet, call Dr. Robert J. Greene today at 508-757-3803 to schedule a consultation appointment at his Worcester MA podiatrist office.

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