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Summer Shoes Don’t Have To Damage Your Feet


If you routinely wear flip flops in the summer, it may be time to rethink your footwear choices before you find yourself making an extra visit to Worcester, MA podiatrist Robert J. Greene, D.P.M. While flip flops are very comfortable, easy to slip on and easy to clean, wearing them all summer long could easily set you up for foot problems in the future without you even realizing it.

The Problem with Flip Flops

1. Flip Flops Offer No Support

A flimsy type of footwear, flip flops provide little to no arch support. While wearing flip flops occasionally isn’t usually a problem, wear them all summer long, and you might find your feet and back hurting as a result, especially if you do a lot of walking or physical activity.

Be sure to stick to comfortable and supportive tennis shoes if you will be walking long distances or participating in any sports. Otherwise, you’re only setting yourself up for additional trips to a Worcester, MA podiatrist down the road.

2. Flip Flops Don’t Protect Your Feet

While flip flops do protect the bottom of your feet from athlete’s foot and plantar warts while you are walking around pools and public showers, they leave the tops of your feet completely exposed. This leaves your feet at risk for stubbed toes, impact injuries if something falls on your foot, or insect bites if you’re walking through tall grass.

3. Flip Flops Can Cause Accidents

Flip flops tend to be very flimsy and flexible, and they can fold over easily. As a result, it is all too easy to accidentally trip over the bottom of them while walking or running and to fall or sprain your ankle. They can even cause driving accidents if they come off and become lodged under the gas pedal.

Flip Flop Alternatives

Thankfully, there are tons of great alternative to traditional flip flops you can wear instead, such as sandals. Ideally, you would want something that would cover your entire foot, but even sturdy sandals with straps on the top and plenty of cushioning and support on the bottom can make a tremendous difference.

Look hard enough and you are sure to find plenty of great summer sandals out there that will be fun, fashionable and comfortable while still protecting your feet. Read the online reviews and talk to your podiatrist, Dr. Greene in Worcester, MA if you need specific suggestions.

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