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How to Deal with Hammertoes

Foot pain is a problem that can make working, exercising or even just walking to the bus stop a strenuous task. Central Massachusetts Foot Specialists Inc. is a Worcester podiatry office that specializes in treating patients with a variety of foot issues, including hammertoes. Learn more about this foot condition that could be making it difficult for you to walk and stand comfortably.

What Are Hammertoes?
To understand a hammertoe, unsurprisingly, you can think of the shape of a hammer. The front of the hammer is bent perpendicular to the handle—this is a lot like what the shape of a hammertoe looks like. The joint tissue that normally keeps the toes straight becomes weakened over time, usually due to wearing poorly manufactured shoes. The front of the toe bends forward and sometimes can’t bend back. Hammertoes usually affect the three middle toes.

How Do You Deal with this Condition?
The early signs of hammertoes can sometimes be corrected by simply wearing better shoes. Well-made shoes or orthotic devices can help to reposition the toes so that the joints become stronger. You can also deal with foot pain from hammertoes by getting off your feet for a few days to see if that helps. Stretching and flexing the toes intermittently can also help, but you should consult your Worcester podiatrist for recommendations.

Treatments Available for Hammertoes
The method of treating hammertoes at your podiatrist’s office depends on the severity of the condition. If there’s still sufficient joint tissue, the doctor will likely prescribe custom orthotics or splints to wear. Physical therapy exercises are also a part of the prescription. If it is very bad, surgery may be needed to fix painful hammertoes.

Get Help with Your Foot Pain
If you’re experiencing foot pain due to hammertoes, you may be relieved after a talk with Dr. Greene at his Worcester doctor’s office. Call (508) 757-3803 to schedule a convenient time with a friendly staff member. His goal is to help you achieve and maintain healthy feet; happier feet, happier life!

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