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Geriatric Foot Care – What You Need to Know

Diabetic Foot Care(1)

Follow this advice on how to properly care for older feet to prevent podiatric issues.

While we should always give a little tender loving care to our feet, as we age other health issues can become more prevalent that we all need to be aware of. From calluses to diabetic ulcers your Worcester podiatrist offers up the best ways to care for feet as you age to prevent problems from happening.

Check Your Feet

It’s important to thoroughly look over your feet every day. This is especially important as we age, since we may experience more foot-related issues and may never notice changes unless we are constantly checking the health of your feet. The sooner you are able to pinpoint a foot problem, the more effective treatment will be.

Wear Shoes

We recommend that anyone wear shoes and try to avoid going barefoot as much as possible. This is particularly important when you are outdoors or in public areas like locker rooms or gym showers, where fungus and other bacteria can lurk. Furthermore, going barefoot also leaves you prone to foot injuries. Therefore, it’s best to opt for shoes whenever you are in motion.

Keep Feet Clean

This may seem like a no-brainer to most people, but it’s important to thoroughly wash and dry you feet every day. This means cleaning every area of your foot and then being sure to dry your feet completely to prevent fungal infections.

Keep Nails Trimmed

To keep ingrown toenails from affecting your foot health be sure to never trim nails too short (always keep the nails in line with the tips of your toes). Also, always trim toenails straight across and never at a curve. These two simple tips can go a long way to preventing ingrown toenails.

Of course, if you notice any symptoms or changes in your feet, it’s important to see your Worcester podiatrist, Dr. Robert J. Greene right away. The sooner you get a proper diagnosis and treatment the better!

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