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Why Overcoming Common Heel Pain Condition Takes Expert Care

When your feet aren’t feeling right, the rest of you isn’t, either. Some of the leading foot problems many of us face today are in our heels, as persistent heel pain in the form of conditions like corns and calluses often leave us limping and in real discomfort.

But what if the right heel pain treatment for you could be found right here in Worcester? With Robert J. Greene, D.P.M., your persistent heel issues can be a thing of the past, as he has dedicated more than two decades to learning and understanding what treatments work best for irritating heel and foot pains.

Take a peek at one of the most common heel problems today below:

Heel Calluses

Not unlike corns, heel calluses are protective layers of compacted, dead skin cells usually caused by skin rubbing against an irregularity in your shoe. When you have calluses on your heel(s), it can burn and feel painful, making simply walking a total chore.

If you’re one of the many Americans today suffering from heel calluses, check out some specific tips Dr. Greenerecommends for making them feel a whole lot better:

  • Moleskin or padding placed on the callus site can help soothe it when you walk
  • Never try cutting heel calluses off on your own, as doing so can lead to infection
  • Be careful about home remedies– if a trusted podiatrist hasn’t approved it, you probably shouldn’t, either
  • Wash your feet often, even in the nooks and crannies between your toes, as doing so can help wash away the build-up of dead skin cells causing your calluses.
  • Don’t deal with ill-fitting shoes! Get rid of worn out ones right when you notice they’re no longer up to par. If you need to get better fitting shoes, try buying them later in the day when your feet are largest.

Call Robert J. Greene, DPM Today!

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding heel pain treatments for different conditions, give Dr. Greene a call today at 508-757-3803 for expert podiatric advice right here in Massachusetts!

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