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Why Does My Heel Hurt?

Your heels are the main source of support when you walk, run, or stand. Because of that, heel pain is one of the most common foot problems that we treat at Central Massachusetts Foot Specialists. If you are experiencing heel pain, do not just ignore it and hope that it goes away after some time — it usually doesn’t. Receiving a proper diagnosis and understanding the cause of that heel pain helps immensely with treatment and future pain prevention.

Causes of Heel Pain

Heel pain has a wide variety of different causes. It is usually associated with poor gait mechanics which can be observed and treated by a podiatrist. Heel pain might also be a result of a bruise or other injury caused by running and jumping on hard surfaces. Poor shoe choice also plays a factor in the development of heel pain.

Other causes may include:

Treating Heel Pain

Struggling every day with pain in your heel may make it difficult to think about anything except treating the pain, but there are things you can do to prevent the pain from reoccurring or getting worse. These include:

  • Resting the foot to avoid further stress on the heel
  • Icing to reduce inflammation
  • Taking ibuprofen
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Stretching your calves and feet prior to working out
  • Properly fitted shoes and sneakers that provide the correct support

In some cases, a heel injury can occur suddenly as a result of a fall or taking the wrong step on uneven terrain. When this happens, it’s important to see a doctor immediately for treatment.

While some home treatments can be effective for general heel pain, you should visit a foot doctor like Dr. Robert Greene if your heel pain is persistent. Dr. Greene and his experienced team at Central Massachusetts Foot Specialists in Worcester, MA are here to help you diagnose and treat your nagging heel pain.

You can call (508) 757-3803 to speak with a member of our front office team at our Worcester, MA office or you can click here to schedule a consultation online.

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