How to Select the Right Running Shoe

Getting regular exercise through running is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your health, especially during these colder months. Running offers benefits to your cardiovascular system, a decrease risk of heart disease, and quantifiable boosts in mood and mental health. The only things you need to take advantage of all these benefits … Continued

Pain Below Your Heel? What’s that Mean?

What is below the heel pain? Foot pain and tenderness can occur on the bottom of the heel, as well as behind the heel. The most common below the heel pain condition is inflammation of the plantar fascia. Another condition that affects the bottom of the heel is a heel spur. Let’s take a look … Continued

Foot Care for Runners

Running for fitness is important for maintaining proper health and weight, but it isn’t always easy on your feet. If you are a runner and do not take proper precautions, you might be more prone to foot and ankle injuries. And when injuries occur, it prevents you from continuing with your cardio workout. Let’s take … Continued

Enjoy 3 tips for preventing foot pain

Our feet are the foundation to our bodies. They keep us standing and moving throughout the day. However, when they begin to ache, you will feel it from head to toe–literally. A lot of the foot problems we experience are related to flexibility. If your muscles are really right, they’re not working properly and will … Continued

Skin conditions of the feet and what to look out for

There are a variety of skin conditions that affect your feet and some are more common than others. Typically, you will see rashes or skin lesions on the feet as an infection—viral, bacterial or fungal. It is important to seek medical attention for the proper diagnosis and treatment of various skin conditions of the feet. … Continued

Why Overcoming Common Heel Pain Condition Takes Expert Care

When your feet aren’t feeling right, the rest of you isn’t, either. Some of the leading foot problems many of us face today are in our heels, as persistent heel pain in the form of conditions like corns and calluses often leave us limping and in real discomfort. But what if the right heel pain treatment for … Continued

Geriatric Foot Care – What You Need to Know

Follow this advice on how to properly care for older feet to prevent podiatric issues. While we should always give a little tender loving care to our feet, as we age other health issues can become more prevalent that we all need to be aware of. From calluses to diabetic ulcers your Worcester podiatrist offers … Continued

How to Deal with Hammertoes

Foot pain is a problem that can make working, exercising or even just walking to the bus stop a strenuous task. Central Massachusetts Foot Specialists Inc. is a Worcester podiatry office that specializes in treating patients with a variety of foot issues, including hammertoes. Learn more about this foot condition that could be making it … Continued

Summer Shoes Don’t Have To Damage Your Feet

If you routinely wear flip flops in the summer, it may be time to rethink your footwear choices before you find yourself making an extra visit to Worcester, MA podiatrist Robert J. Greene, D.P.M. While flip flops are very comfortable, easy to slip on and easy to clean, wearing them all summer long could easily … Continued

How your Podiatrist Can Help With Your Heel Pain?

Not being able to run or even walk without pain is not only frustrating but can drastically affect quality of life. Simple tasks like going up the stairs in your house or walking through the grocery store become harder and, if symptoms worsen, almost impossible. Luckily, heel pain, most commonly caused by plantar fasciitis, is a condition … Continued